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Setup of the BT PRO Manager network variant

BT PRO Manager software is a desktop solution that uses an embedded Firebird SQL database. However, there is a possibility to install a Firebird server independently.

First install the Firebird 3 - Server software.

Download the Firebird server software (tested with Win32, Classic server installation):

For Firebird server setup, please look for help in the Firebird documentation:

For an initial quick installation of the Firebird server and server setup, follow chapters 3 to 5 in the Firebird 3 Quick Start Guide. To set up the server, e.g. create the user and password, use the Firebird ISQL tool. This is automatically installed with the Firebird 3.0 server.

The name of the SQL database that the BT PRO Manager software normally uses is: *CS_DATA.FDB

In a desktop version of BT PRO Manager software, the database is located in the directory: C:\ProgramData\Cellizer\CS-Manager\Database.

Please copy the CS_DATA.FDB file to a directory of your choice on the server, e.g.: D:\MyDirectory\CS_DATA.FDB.

In case of a server connection the file is accessed via an alias, e.g: mydb1. The alias can be chosen arbitrarily.

This alias must be communicated to the Firebird server. To do this, the following entry is added to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_3_X\databases.conf file mydb1 = D:\MyDirectory\CS_DATA.FDB.

08.07.2021 database config.JPG
database.conf file

The following user still needs to be set up in the Firebird server:

User: CS_USER.

Password: #rTa.73#

Please select the server settings in the BT PRO Manager software under Database settings. Please enter the user, password, alias, address (e.g. and port (3050) in this menu item.

Request a new CSServerEnc.ini file from us so that multiple users can access and personalize protocols. Please copy this file to the following directory: C:\ProgramData\Cellizer\CS-Manager\System. Without this file only the sole user "admin" can be used.
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