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What should I do if problems occur during the installation?

Note in advance:
Please always back up your database before updating to avoid data loss.

During the installation of IZYTRONIQ there are currently sporadic errors, e.g. "Failed. See logfiles for details":
In this case, close the installation and restart the IZYTRONIQ with [Shift] + [right click] " Run as administrator ":
Please also refer to the following FAQ PG816 for error code " 0x80070570 ".

If the installation still can not be done or there are problems after the update, please install the IZYTRONIQ again:
  • Uninstall IZYTRONIQ and IZYIONIQ first via Settings → "Apps and Features", keeping the license and database:
  • Obtain here the latest installation file of IZYTRONI.
  • Run the installation file with [Shift] + [right click] " Run as administrator "

(If you do not have administrator rights on your PC, please contact your local IT department).
If problems persist, please contact our Technical Support.
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