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How are report templates edited in IZYTRONIQ?

We would like to inform you in advance that editing protocol templates requires certain specialist knowledge of programming and that the "MS Word" programme is required.

If you have problems with this, we offer the possibility to edit report templates for you at a charge. In this case, please contact our Product Support.

To edit a template yourself, please proceed as follows:

  • Open the IZYTRONIQ software.
  • Select (as desired) movable or stationary objects

Bild1 PG807.PNG
  • Open the report templates

Bild2 Eng.jpg
  • Select the desired report template and copy it using the toolbar on the right.

Bild7 PG807.PNG
  • The copied, editable template appears in the list (with the lock open)

  • Select the copied template and click on the button "Open template in Word".

Bild8 PG807.PNG
  • The template is opened in Word

Bild3 PG807.PNG
  • Edit template as desired and save.
    (You can find an overview of the merge fields here).

As an example, here is how to insert the serial number, proceed as follows:
  • First copy the desired protocol template and open it in MS Word as described above
  • Place the free text "Serial number" at the desired position and a MergeField behind it, which can be copied from any object property (e.g. DeviceType) (Make sure to select the correct object type, e.g. NonStationaryDevice for a movable object)

Bild4 PG807.PNG

  • Select the newly created MergeField with right click and then the "Edit Field" option

Bild5 PG807.PNG

  • Now enter "DeviceNumber" as the field name and confirm (Make sure that the MergeField is selected as the field name)
  • Then, for a better overview, change the label of the MergeField as well

Bild6 PG807.PNG

With the described procedure also other object properties can be integrated into the test protocol. An overview of the available MergeFielders can be found in the IZYTRONIQ help.

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